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How do I successfully advertise my business?

There are a few things you can do to start advertising your business successfully. First and foremost, you need to what your goal is. Is it awareness? Is it leads? Is it sales? No matter the case, your goal should align with your overall business and marketing strategy.

Once you understand your goal you should identify your target audience. Try to go beyond standard demographics when identifying your target audience. Ask yourself, what does your ideal customer look like? What do they think, what do they value? Create a persona for your ideal customer to better understand how to communicate with and reach them.

Then craft your message. What is your value proposition? Why would or should your ideal customer buy your product or service? What problem do you solve? Is your product or service super easy to use and saves time? Does your product or service help busy parents relax? Go beyond what that actual product or service is and think about why people would use your service and tap into that to define your messaging.

Once you craft your messaging, think through where your audience is. You should be able to refer back to the customer persona you created to assist with this. The low hanging fruit is social media, most people are here, it’s free to use and can be very impactful if done consistently and correctly. But you’ll also need to think through which platform(s) are best for your ideal customer. Is it Pinterest? Is it instagram? Is it Facebook? Is it TikTok? Maybe it’s LinkedIn. Maybe it’s not even social media. Look back at your ideal customer, is a portion of their day spent on social media? Or is it spent at work, or commuting, or at the park? Align the platforms you select to promote your business to where your ideal client will be.

Next determine your budget. Do you have some money to spend? Or no money to spend? Allow your budget to influence the platforms where you show up and either move forward with the outlined platform or condense them and think through low to no cost marketing efforts for your business.

Lastly, create your assets to the specifications of the platforms you plan to run on. You can use platforms like Canva to create assets or hire a professional, but you’ll want to find out the dimensions per platform so that everything looks crisp and clean.

As always with marketing you’ll want to test different methods to see what resonates with your audience. Keep track of performance with something like excel or Google sheets. Hubspot also has campaign performance templates you can download for use.

If you'd like help figuring out your marketing strategy or campaigns, click below to schedule a free consultation.

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